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31Jan 13


The Transformers movie character designs were very detailed and hard to replicate when it came to toys. Revoltech’s attention to detail did the TF’s movie Bumblebee a lot of justice. The figure looks great and the rich yellow colour stands out. A lovely figure.

07Jan 13


Cyclops, also known as Shockwave from the Dreamwave comic, Transformers: Evolutions. This figure is pretty big and well built. Though some of the joints can be a bit loose. It’s nice to see how the sculpt is accurate to it’s comic version. Good to see characters from the comics being made into toys.


21Aug 12

Classic Optimus Prime doesn’t get any better than this version 2.0 of Takara’s Masterpiece line. His size is smaller than version 1.0, but he’s definitely more cartoon accurate. Nice.

03Feb 12

Fansproject’s TFX-04 Protector or Rodimus Prime has been out for quite a while already. I decided to get onto the bandwagon and get one for myself, including the targetmaster addon, Sidearm. The Protector addon requires the Transformers United or Generations Hot Rod/Rodimus figure, depending on which pack or version you get. Once put together, you get a pretty mean looking Rodimus Prime. Fansproject addon is well made with tight joints that hold together well.

01Feb 12

It wasn’t too long ago in 2010 that the bi-annual event, Transformers Cybertron Con 2010, was held in Shanghai. Now Singaporean’s and South East Asian Transformers fans can look forward to Transformers Cybertron Con 2012 right in Singapore! The event will be held very soon from 11 – 14 March at Resorts World Convention Centre. The event promises to showcase an extensive collection of historical Transformers items from throughout the brand’s 27 year history via a visually stunning exhibit.

Some highlights of the event includes:

  • Panel Sessions with special guest, Mr. Hideaki Yoki, lead designer of Transformers in Takara Tomy and TRANSFORMERS brand experts from Hasbro;
  • A 22-foot tall OPTIMUS PRIME character statue, one of the largest TRANSFORMERS statues ever;
  • TRANSFORMERS drawing classes by top Hasbro artists (at select times);
  • Three-dimensional action figure dioramas capturing scenes from popular TRANSFORMERS entertainment including the blockbuster movies
  • National ‘Fastest Fingers First’ Challenge, testing convention goers’ skills at converting TRANSFORMERS action figures from “robot” to “vehicle” modes.

I for one am pretty excited. Being a Transformers fan since I can remember and collecting the comics and toys, this is like a dream come true. Hope it’s better than STGCC! :) Tickets will be available from 2 Feb onwards at the Resorts World Sentosa website, or at the ticketing booths located at Universal Studios Singapore. Tickets for the convention are priced at $12 for a Day Pass and $68 for a 4-day VIP Pass.

VIP pass holders are entitled to:

  1. Unlimited event access (11-14 March);
  2. Photo Opportunity with 22-foot OPTIMUS PRIME;
  3. 1 x VIP Lanyard;
  4. 1 x TRANSFORMERS KRE-ON figure

You can keep up-to-date by following the Transformers Cybertron Con Facebook page.

Hope to see you fellow Transformers fans there!


31Jan 12

The Quintessons were one of Transformers G1 more popular evil characters. You always knew that any storyline with the Quintessons was going to be bad ass. The Judges were the iconic face of the Quintesson race. The 5 faces would put fear into any bot. Impossible Toy’s 3rd party figure is pretty well sculpted, save for a few QC problems with the stand.

29Jan 12

Hot on the heals of Thundershred comes Stormbomb. The names of these 3rd party Insecticons may suck, but their quality sure makes up for it. Fansproject has come up with another well made figure. The joints are firm and tight, and the paint job is good.

23Oct 11

Revoltech has given us some really cool Transformers figures. Their past renditions of G1 Transformers were really well done. The preview pics of their movie Optimus Prime looked really good and the actual figure is awesome! continue reading..

30Sep 11

The Insecticons are one of the more popular Decepticon teams in Transformers lore. FansProject has seen fit to come up with their interpretations of these classic characters. The first of which is Insecticon commander, Shrapnel. Or Thundershred as FansProject calls him :) continue reading..

23Aug 11

The Transformers United line by Takara has churned out some really nice figures in the past year. This new box set of a repainted War For Cybertron Optimus Prime and Megatron is no different. continue reading..