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08Jun 11

Fukuoka is a great city, but not for toy shopping. There aren’t any popular toy shops that I could find except for Mandarake. Can always trust them to be around. continue reading..

06Jun 11

Osaka’s Den-Den Town is comparable to Tokyo’s Akihabara where electronic and toy shops line the streets. Though I feel Tokyo’s Akihabara has a better edge and more variety of toy shops. continue reading..

10Apr 11

photo 5-6.jpg

Grabbed both sets. Not sure if I will be opening them soon. But I just love the collar pins that the folks from Falcon’s Hanger passed to me when I collected the sets. Awesome stuff!


08Apr 11


Just got back from my long Japan trip. Managed to score a few things. Best of which was the rare Marvel Universe variants I found hanging on a rack in some toy shop! continue reading..

09Mar 11

07Mar 11

02Mar 11

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Opened up the box and put together the chaingun. A great looking gun deserves a tough guy to handle it. Perfect for Hot Toys T2 T800 Arnie. :)

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28Feb 11

photo 1.JPG

Grabbed myself a nice little chainsaw. Will go nicely with my T800 Arnie figure. Also got WST Ultra Magnus. Nice and small.

25Feb 11

photo 5.JPG

Was doing a quick run by China Square Central during lunch and found this rare variant hiding. Iron Patriot with Norman Osborn’s head. It was the only one there. A good find!?aid=2653&cids=62&size=728×90″>

16Dec 10


I scored this together with the Man in Suit at STGCC 2010. It looks the typical military figure, but with the STGCC logo on the box! :) The box cover is similar to the Man in Suit exclusive and is pretty flimsy. When you remove it, you see the usual Soldier Story type box, but without the STGCC logo :( continue reading..