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15Feb 10

The Powercore Combiners is something new from Hasbro that didn’t really catch my eye until I saw the 5 pack images. Basically a modern rehash on the Combaticons and Aerialbots. I must say, that I’m pretty sold on the new looks. Hope they turn out as good as it looks.

14Feb 10

Transformers Generations is basically the Classics series 3.0. A retake on old G1 characters that fans love. The latest announcements from Toy Fair 2010 didn’t really excite me thus far. Only Drift from the TF comics and Thrust, which was released previously in Japan, caught my eye. Though did report that Darkmount, as seen below, did have a Straxus (from the comics) head sculpt. I would definately check that out.

Other pics can be found here and here.

14Feb 10

Woot! The AT-AT in it’s full toy glory has been announced. Since I got the Millennium Falcon, I have been waiting to see what was next from Hasbro. And they didn’t dissappoint. The new figure looks huge ass and packed with accessories too!

Hasbro announced their plans for the year and there are quite a few things to look forward to, like their vintage line. I also did like the Birth of Darth Vader battlepack. oooo yaaa! More pics here, here and here.

14Feb 10

Latest pics from Toy Fair 2010. War for Cybertron official Toy figures! woot! Prime is looking good. Check out the pics here and here.

And for those of you that missed the CGI pic of Shockwave, here is it below. I hope they make a toy of him. He’s looking awesome!