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09Mar 11

02Mar 11

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Opened up the box and put together the chaingun. A great looking gun deserves a tough guy to handle it. Perfect for Hot Toys T2 T800 Arnie. :)

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25Dec 10

Christmas came early in Tokyo. The latest pics from the Hot Toys 10th Anniversary Exhibition in Tokyo look great with some new reveals! First was the new licenses, of which I’m excited about Captain America, Batman (Michael Keaton’s Bats) and Indiana Jones.

But the main highlight was seeing some pics of upcoming 12′ inch figures coming out. There’s Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones, Iron Man Mark V, Iron Monger prototype, Resident Evil Alice and Thor! Thor is looking really good! I’ll let the pics speak for themselves. You can also see more here. continue reading..

15Oct 10


Grabbed me DiD’s Major Richard, or Dick Winters to you Band of Brothers fans. As well as Hot Toys Terminator 2 T-1000. Great figures. Won’t be opening them till early next month though. Gotta wait till the renovation at home is finished and the new display case is done up! sweet!

24Sep 10


Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale T800 Collectible Figure from The Terminator movie. The T800 collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie, highlighting the newly sculpted head, muscular body, detailed weapons and accessories, as well as the additional interchangeable damaged head. continue reading..

16Jul 10


Heaps of great pics from the Hot Toys booth at the Tokyo Toy Show 2010 this year. Some sneak peaks of upcoming 1/6 figures as well. Good stuff!

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24Jun 10


He’s one of the more iconic figures from the 90s and trust Hot Toy’s to faithfully recreate the Terminator 2 Judgement Day T1000 in 12 inch scale. The pictures of the figure looks amazingly detailed. No T2 – T800 figure can stand alone without his nemesis! It’s a no brainer, I’m getting this! I’ll let the pics speak for themself.

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29May 10


This has been one figure I’ve been excited about since Hot Toys announced it months back.

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16Feb 10

Ok, as if we didn’t see this coming, but Hot Toys has announced T2 – Sarah Connor. It does look like her, but I’ll most probably not get this. Purely cause I’ll be saving my moola for the different versions of Arnie! Bring on battle damages T2 Arnie!

06Jan 10


Hot Toys has done it again! Welcoming the new year with the official announcement of the T2 T800 figure. It’s Arnold Schwarzenegger at his Terminator best! The head sculpt looks wonderful and with so much detail. Just looking at the pic above you can see the skin tone and shading. Amazing stuff!

Okie, so I’m very sure that Hot Toys will eventually announce a ‘battle damaged’ T800 sometime down the road, with the flesh on Arnie’s head ripped to shreads showing the endoskeleton. It’s part of ‘milking’ us dry. And I’m a sucker for ‘milking. lol Bring it on Hot Toys!

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