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16Aug 11

STGCC returns in 2011 this weekend! Comic, toy and gaming fans will be converging at Suntec Singapore on the 20 & 21 August. Have you bought your tickets yet? continue reading..

07Mar 11

16Dec 10


I scored this together with the Man in Suit at STGCC 2010. It looks the typical military figure, but with the STGCC logo on the box! :) The box cover is similar to the Man in Suit exclusive and is pretty flimsy. When you remove it, you see the usual Soldier Story type box, but without the STGCC logo :( continue reading..

14Dec 10


I was happy to score this on the first day of STGCC 2010. The box art was printed on rather flimsy paper compared to the thicker paper on normal releases. Though the box itself had a nice silver print of the relevant logos and title. continue reading..

11Dec 10


Popped down on the opening day of the Singapore Toys, Games & Comics Convention 2010 at Suntec City. It was pretty packed at the midday opening. I managed to score the Soldier Story exclusives that U Toys were selling. There weren’t too shabby. Nice having the STGCC logos on the box art. Would be even better if they had a small STGCC logo patch for the figures! lol


There was even a nice paper bag for the two exclusives.


31May 10


I’ve been looking for a black ops/tactical figure for awhile, but nothing caught my eye till Soldier Story came out with this figure. I missed out the 1st version and was determined to get this 2.0 version.

continue reading..

24May 10


Finally scored this today. I was initially contemplating getting it when it first came out, but was too late and found it sold out at most places. Alex’s review on the figure tempted me even more. And after searching around PS today, I found it! Woot! And it wasn’t even at a premium price. Sweet! Can’t wait to open it up when I get home.

IMG_0397.JPG IMG_0399.JPG