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05Sep 11

All Singaporeans who have served or are serving National Service would know of the SAW rifle, or Ultimax 100 as it is officially known. It’s an easy weapon to use, but it’s a prick to clean and maintain. continue reading..

29Aug 11

It’s been a week since STGCC and the one thing that’s still vivid in my mind is Hot Toy’s booth. Hot Toys was the highlight of STGCC for me. They brought down their concept booth they debuted at the Hong Kong Con as well as some exclusives for 1/6 Scale collectors. What a privilege. continue reading..

31Dec 09


After scoring the 12′ inch SAR21 rifle, I just had to kit bash an SAF soldier in No. 1 & 4 uniforms. Those of you who know me personally would know I’m a Scout PC in the SAF, and thus the soldier with a jungle cap.


I started of with your typical SAF soldier in No. 4 uniform holding onto a carbine, previously the weapon of choice for Recce elements in the SAF. (Do note that SAF’s No. 4 uniform has recently changed in the past couple of years, but I’ve yet to find a proper match in 12′ inch scale.)


And now the SAF solder with the SAR21, the current weapon Recce elements use in the SAF. Some more pics below.

P1030845.jpg P1030846.jpg P1030847.jpg

The SAF No.1 uniform is the ceremonial uniform and is often used during special occasions and parades. The 12′ inch uniform I managed to score looks great and has an officer rank, but instead of infantry, it has amour insignias. Haiz. Well you can’t have everything. I’m using a Hot-Toys Truetype body with this.

P1030848.jpg P1030849.jpg P1030850.jpg P1030852.jpg P1030853.jpg

29Dec 09


The SAR21 is designed and made locally. The rifle is used by the Singapore Armed Forces and most of you who have gone thru NSF or are reservists would have seen it and even used it in the last decade. The rifle has some good reviews. In fact, Popular Mechanics have voted it one of the Top 5 High-Tech Guns for the Next Century.

As stated in my previous post, I recently scored a custom made 12 inch SAR21 rifle. And it’s locally made as well! :) The rifle is nicely sculpted with some great detailing, knobs, screws, etc. there’s even allowance for the rifle sling if you can find a sling that fits the rifle.


The rifle is light weight and has a sturdy feel to it and it feels stronger than most 12 inch rifles that I have collected. Though I’m not about to test it out to find out how strong it is! heh. Too bad the magazine cannot be removed, but it’s nice to see it is accurately transparent with the rounds showing.

There’s just something about having a 12 inch version of something local that appeals to me. It’s ‘one of a kind’. Enjoy the rest of the pics.

P1030858.jpg P1030859.jpg P1030861.jpg