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22Jul 10


I love my meats, and I love my Japanese BBQ or Yakiniku. There are many Yakiniku restaurants in Tokyo, but finding one that is well priced and has great cuts, well thats hard. continue reading..

19Jul 10


If there’s one thing the Japanese are good in doing, it’s making desserts. They make their desserts with such passion. Even the way they are displayed and packaged, are second to none. A lot of the Japanese cakes and desserts have a French influence about them. And they taste great! Not too sweet, but more like a tinge of sweetness. Just right! continue reading..

07Jun 10


There’s a lot to love about Tokyo, and one of my main loves is the food. There’s so much variety in Japanese food and different flavours from eating sushi to eating yakiniku. In anticipation of my last two posts about my Tokyo 2010 trip, in particular the foods, here are some food pics I couldn’t classify into single posts.

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26Apr 10


Yakitori, skewers of chicken, beef, etc. cocked over a charcoal flame. Simple food if you ask me. Add in some beer or sake together with that, and it’s the perfect pub food. One place to check out is Yakitori Doori in Shinjuku. It’s right next to the train tracks.

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07Apr 10


I love my korean BBQ. And BBQ in Japan rocks. Yakiniku in Japan does have much influence from Korean BBQ. But Yakiniku is a post for another day.

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16Mar 10


It was freezing in Tokyo and what better food than Sukiyaki on a cold night? We checked out this all-you-can-eat Sukiyaki place in Shinjuku. It was fantastic!

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13Mar 10


Tokyo is one of those cities which captures my imagination. It’s fast moving, ever changing, amazing pop culture and the food’s fantastic! My Tokyo trip earlier this year was a blast. It was the 2nd time in a year that I was there and no regrets. This begins the series of posts over the next month of my trip, where I’ll share pics and some recommendations.

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20Apr 09


A day of sightseeing to some famous spots in Tokyo, Ginza & Odaiba. continue reading..

15Apr 09


Nakano is not as well known a place to find toys, but down at Nakano is Nakano Broadway with 4 floors of toy shops. Mandarake’s main shop is situated there amongst a variety of shops where you will find anything from Star Wars, Macross, Otaku, transformers, 12 inch figures, etc. I found this place has some rare finds as well as some good vintage toy shops. So how do you get there? Well Nakano lies 3 stops away from Shinjuku station on the JR Chuo line (Rapid). You can also take the line from Tokyo or Kanda station. The line is the orange coloured line. One you reach Nakano station, there are only two exits, North or South.

UPDATED April 2015
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08Apr 09


I’m finally back in Singapore and I thought I’ll continue to post pics of my Tokyo trip. continue reading..