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03Feb 12

Fansproject’s TFX-04 Protector or Rodimus Prime has been out for quite a while already. I decided to get onto the bandwagon and get one for myself, including the targetmaster addon, Sidearm. The Protector addon requires the Transformers United or Generations Hot Rod/Rodimus figure, depending on which pack or version you get. Once put together, you get a pretty mean looking Rodimus Prime. Fansproject addon is well made with tight joints that hold together well.

09Mar 11

03Feb 11

I was pretty amazed with the robot design of MP9. Rodimus Prime looks every bit like his character in Transformers The Animated Movie. Though the main drawback of MP9 is his transformation into vehicle mode. It’s complicated and possibly due to QC issues, it’s practically impossible to have all four wheels touching the ground nicely. I’m not the only one having this problem, the forums are full of complaints.

Even with the issues, MP9 is a winner in my eyes. I’ll be leaving him posed as in the pictures, cause his vehicle and trailer mode aren’t anything special anyway. Every prime needs a nemesis, and Rodimus’s is Galvatron. MP10? I sure hope so! :)

02Feb 11

A good start to February. The awesome looking Masterpiece Rodimus Prime, TF United figures and Predator. Will be ripping open the boxes this CNY weekend! :)