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21Jan 13


Revoltech looks to be completing the Iron Man line and this Mark II armour continues the good work. Well sculpted and articulated, it’s a great addition to the Iron Man collection.

26Jan 12

Iron Man isn’t complete without his buddy, War Machine. Once again, another great figure by Revoltech. The articulation is slightly restricted due to the War Machine armour, but it’s all good.

24Jan 12

Revoltech has really upped their game in the past year with some quality characters. Iron Man Mark VI really looks good. The articulation makes for some nice poses.

23Oct 11

Revoltech has given us some really cool Transformers figures. Their past renditions of G1 Transformers were really well done. The preview pics of their movie Optimus Prime looked really good and the actual figure is awesome! continue reading..

09Mar 11

11Mar 10


The Revoltech Sci-Fi series was announced some time ago and the latest pics of their upcoming offerings are starting to tempt me. The Dark Knight Batman, Alien Queen and the Predator are all top on my lists. Even the Toy Story figures are looking good.

I have the Transformers and Macross figures from revoltech and they are all great quality figures. I’m happy they are starting to branch out. They just got to make sure their sculpt and quality remains.

ap_20100308074428101.jpg ap_20100308073426314.jpg ap_20100308054938116.jpg ap_20100308073458536.jpg ap_20100308074232288.jpg ap_20100308073515313.jpg

The first figure of the series will be an Alien figure. What a great way to start. I have it pre-ordered and it’s due this April. Nice.

alien01a.jpg alien02a.jpg