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29Jun 11

When in Osaka, a great place to visit is the Osaka Aquarium (Kaiyukan). It’s one of the few ‘world class’ aquariums. They even have a whale shark there! I know it’s cruel, but since it’s there, have a look!  continue reading..

24Jun 11

Like Tokyo, Osaka has it’s own popular theme park, Universal Studios. And it’s heaps of fun! continue reading..

20Jun 11

We arrived in Osaka after a week in Kyoto. We planned to stay for a week checking out the shopping, eating and other sights in Osaka. Osaka is a city buzzing with activity. And apart from the shopping and sight seeing to Universal Studios and the Osaka Aquarium (Kaiyukan) we ate heaps! continue reading..

06Jun 11

Osaka’s Den-Den Town is comparable to Tokyo’s Akihabara where electronic and toy shops line the streets. Though I feel Tokyo’s Akihabara has a better edge and more variety of toy shops. continue reading..

07Feb 11

In just slightly over a month, I’ll be heading to Japan for my 3 week long honeymoon. The plan is to travel to Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe before ending up in Tokyo. All free and easy of course. Everything is planned, plane tickets and hotels are booked, it’s just the long long wait! urgghhhh.

Rest assured I’ll be updating both my Tokyo links about my trips and toy shops to represent the most updated info and about the various areas I visit during the trip.

So begins the countdown. Woo hoo!