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24Nov 10


musée du quai Branly is known for it’s exhibitions on African and Asian arts & heritage. The museum is situated very close to the Eiffel Tower and looks very modern. continue reading..

18Mar 10


The Mori Art Museum in Roppongi Hills is one of my favorite art museums. It’s location at the top of the Mori Towers does help, but it’s also because of the excellent curation of the exhibits. The use of space and lighting goes a long way in helping my appreciation of art.

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24Apr 09


Roppongi, one of the high class areas of Tokyo and home of the Mori Art Museum. continue reading..

22Apr 09


We got up bright and early to visit the famous Tsukiji market. It is one of the largest fish markets in the whole and millions of dollars of fish comes thru this market daily. continue reading..

20Apr 09


A day of sightseeing to some famous spots in Tokyo, Ginza & Odaiba. continue reading..

14Apr 09


Today was Cherry Blossom Day! Sakura sakura…. continue reading..