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23Aug 12

Another cool Marvel Universe exclusive set from Hasbro for this year’s SDCC 2012. On of Captain America’s great nemesis, Baron Zemo leads the Masters of Evil.

25Sep 11

Hasbro’s Marvel Universe Masterworks Sentinel is another gem in the Marvel Universe line. The figure is about the same size as Galactus which came before. continue reading..

02Sep 11

It took awhile to arrive, but it was worth the wait. Dr. Doom and Scarlet Spider look great! More pics after the jump. continue reading..

04Aug 11

It’s been a week since I came back from my trip to Hong Kong and I’ve finally managed to sort out my stash and take some photos. Thanks to a personal run-through from Shuan of his great Hong Kong Toy Shopping guide. Toy shopping was a breeze and I managed to score some nice items. continue reading..

29Jul 11

SDCC 2011 came and went over the weekend and Marvel gave us a peak of upcoming figures coming out in the year ahead. Like the 3 Avengers in the pic above. I’m not too keen on their uniforms though. :) continue reading..

01Jul 11

Went on another toy run to Paragon Metro and TRU lately. Found these on the racks. continue reading..

13Jun 11

My preorder finally came in. The Xmen sculpts in this wave are really well done. continue reading..

08Apr 11


Just got back from my long Japan trip. Managed to score a few things. Best of which was the rare Marvel Universe variants I found hanging on a rack in some toy shop! continue reading..

07Mar 11

25Feb 11

photo 5.JPG

Was doing a quick run by China Square Central during lunch and found this rare variant hiding. Iron Patriot with Norman Osborn’s head. It was the only one there. A good find!?aid=2653&cids=62&size=728×90″>