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22May 11

We visited the Kyoto Lantern Festival the other evening. As the weather was a tad bit unbearable, we decided to come back another evening. continue reading..

08May 11

The Japanese really love their trains. And I mean really really. continue reading..

15Apr 11

Another bright and sunny day in Kyoto. Perfect for a day trip! :) continue reading..

12Apr 11

Was MIA for about a month due to my wedding and honeymoon. And where did we go? Where else but Japan! :) The plan was to spend 2 weeks in the Kyoto and Osaka area before going to Tokyo. But due to the tsunami and nuclear situation, we changed plans to head to Fukuoka instead. A great decision. continue reading..

07Feb 11

In just slightly over a month, I’ll be heading to Japan for my 3 week long honeymoon. The plan is to travel to Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe before ending up in Tokyo. All free and easy of course. Everything is planned, plane tickets and hotels are booked, it’s just the long long wait! urgghhhh.

Rest assured I’ll be updating both my Tokyo links about my trips and toy shops to represent the most updated info and about the various areas I visit during the trip.

So begins the countdown. Woo hoo!