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21Jan 13


Revoltech looks to be completing the Iron Man line and this Mark II armour continues the good work. Well sculpted and articulated, it’s a great addition to the Iron Man collection.

10Feb 12

Hot Toy’s Iron Man 2 Mark V armour is a beauty! The company has already given us some really well sculpted Iron Man figures and Mark V continues the good work in the series. I’ll let the pics speak for themselves.

26Jan 12

Iron Man isn’t complete without his buddy, War Machine. Once again, another great figure by Revoltech. The articulation is slightly restricted due to the War Machine armour, but it’s all good.

24Jan 12

Revoltech has really upped their game in the past year with some quality characters. Iron Man Mark VI really looks good. The articulation makes for some nice poses.

30Jul 11

Hot Toys gave us first looks at their 1/6 scale line up for the coming year at SDCC 2011. One of which was the Batmobile from Tim Burton’s Batman movies. One of the better looking Batmobile designs. continue reading..

29Jul 11

SDCC 2011 came and went over the weekend and Marvel gave us a peak of upcoming figures coming out in the year ahead. Like the 3 Avengers in the pic above. I’m not too keen on their uniforms though. :) continue reading..

07Mar 11

01Feb 11

Unboxed my Mark IV the other day. Was pretty impressed with the movable fingers as well as Tony Stark’s headsculpt. But since the Mark IV armour looks pretty close to the Mark III I already have posed, I decided to have some fun. Forrest Gump, meet Tony Stark! Sweet!

29Jan 11

I’ve been MIA for quite a while due to my 3 week long ICT, finally managed to sit down and post about my scores this month. Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Mark IV and some Transformers United figures.

Also got a whole lot of Marvel Universe figures that were back logged delivered. Have yet to open them, but they will be ripped open soon enough.

25Dec 10

Christmas came early in Tokyo. The latest pics from the Hot Toys 10th Anniversary Exhibition in Tokyo look great with some new reveals! First was the new licenses, of which I’m excited about Captain America, Batman (Michael Keaton’s Bats) and Indiana Jones.

But the main highlight was seeing some pics of upcoming 12′ inch figures coming out. There’s Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones, Iron Man Mark V, Iron Monger prototype, Resident Evil Alice and Thor! Thor is looking really good! I’ll let the pics speak for themselves. You can also see more here. continue reading..