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04Sep 12

The last of Fansproject’s insecticons, better known as Kickback, joins his brothers Bombshell and Sharpnel to form a pretty awesome collection. The figure is as well made as the other two insecticons and a great addition to any Transformers fan’s collection.

03Feb 12

Fansproject’s TFX-04 Protector or Rodimus Prime has been out for quite a while already. I decided to get onto the bandwagon and get one for myself, including the targetmaster addon, Sidearm. The Protector addon requires the Transformers United or Generations Hot Rod/Rodimus figure, depending on which pack or version you get. Once put together, you get a pretty mean looking Rodimus Prime. Fansproject addon is well made with tight joints that hold together well.

29Jan 12

Hot on the heals of Thundershred comes Stormbomb. The names of these 3rd party Insecticons may suck, but their quality sure makes up for it. Fansproject has come up with another well made figure. The joints are firm and tight, and the paint job is good.

30Sep 11

The Insecticons are one of the more popular Decepticon teams in Transformers lore. FansProject has seen fit to come up with their interpretations of these classic characters. The first of which is Insecticon commander, Shrapnel. Or Thundershred as FansProject calls him :) continue reading..