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18Jul 11

Dazaifu is a small quiet city on the outskirts of Fukuoka. The city was once the capital of Kyushu island and is home to some old temples and shrines. continue reading..

11Jul 11

Fukuoka is the largest Japanese city in their west. Not many would think of visiting the city as compared to Tokyo or Osaka, but it’s a beautiful place and close to other sites on Kyushu. continue reading..

20Jun 11

We arrived in Osaka after a week in Kyoto. We planned to stay for a week checking out the shopping, eating and other sights in Osaka. Osaka is a city buzzing with activity. And apart from the shopping and sight seeing to Universal Studios and the Osaka Aquarium (Kaiyukan) we ate heaps! continue reading..

17Jun 11

Hiroshima is most popularly known for the atomic bombing on 6 August 1945. But the city also offers many other locations for sightseeing. We took a day trip to Hiroshima from Kyoto, with the shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) ride only taking about 1 hr 45 mins. Of course this depends on which train and the timing of the train. continue reading..

27May 11

Kobe is a port city not far off from Osaka and it’s famous for it’s Kobe beef! We decided to take a day trip to Kobe from Kyoto to check the place out. continue reading..

22May 11

We visited the Kyoto Lantern Festival the other evening. As the weather was a tad bit unbearable, we decided to come back another evening. continue reading..

08May 11

The Japanese really love their trains. And I mean really really. continue reading..