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07Feb 13


Hot Toy’s did it again. Jack Sparrow was the figure of 2012 for me. The details put into producing this figure was amazing. The sculpt was second to none. The eyes peer into ones’ soul. And the clothes he wears, wow! Such detail. The accessories weren’t shabby either. I did like the compass that Jack Sparrow always carries. But the ship’s wheel was the best, painted with such detail and weathering effects. A great figure all round.


10Sep 12

I love military figures and the latest US Army Special Forces figure from Playhouse is great. The accessories are bountiful, but what I really like is how you can strip the MK18 mod1 rifle just like in real life! I’ve stripped a similar weapon before in my army days and the 1/6 scale weapon is pretty accurate. Lovely!

07Sep 12

The Matrix (the first movie) was amazing when it first came out. The CGI, storyline and camera techniques used were the best at it’s time. Sadly the sequels were not as good. CmToy’s release of Neo and Agent Smith was a good attempt, sadly the figures aren’t as good as I hoped. The sculpts could be much better and the accessories better made. Still, they both look pretty cool on my shelf with their sun glasses on.

30Aug 12

The Capt is the first superhero I came across when I was young and I’ve been a big fan ever since. Marvel’s Captain America movie was one of the highlights for me and Hot Toy’s figure continues to bring out the kid in me. Love it!

24Aug 12

The holy grail for many collectors, Hot Toy’s 1/6 scale Superman modeled after Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of the Man of Steel. This sculpt is one of the best from Hot Toys. An awesome figure.

13Feb 12

I’m a fan of the Ip Man movies, but for some reason I totally missed out on getting Enterbay’s 1/6 scale version of the martial arts master when it was released in 2010. Thanks to the guys at The Falcon’s Hangar for sourcing the figure, I finally managed to get my hands on Ip Man! Enterbay’s head sculpt of Donnie Yen is flawless and his clothes are well tailored. The figure is pretty awesome and now sits nicely in my display case.

10Feb 12

Hot Toy’s Iron Man 2 Mark V armour is a beauty! The company has already given us some really well sculpted Iron Man figures and Mark V continues the good work in the series. I’ll let the pics speak for themselves.

07Feb 12

Loading Toys new head sculpts hail from the popular movie, Fight Club. Definitely a classic in my book. The sculpts are pretty accurate and even comes with a bar of soap as seen in the movie. A nice score.

29Oct 11

The New Goblin in Spiderman 3 was a forgettable character. His costume wasn’t as memorable as the Green Goblin’s in the first film and he was overshadowed by the Sandman and Venom in the movie. Though after getting the figure, I’ve really grown to like it. continue reading..

27Oct 11

I’m a fan of the Resident Evil movies and of most zombie movies. And I’m also a fan of Milla Jovovich. It wasn’t a hard decision to pick this figure up once I heard Hot Toys was releasing it. continue reading..