04Jan 13


Arkham Asylum Harkey Quinn. One of the better renditions of the character. The figure was well sculpted and made.

13Sep 12

Arkham Asylum, one of the best Batman games out there, has one of the better renditions of Batman as well. Play Arts Kai has outdone themselves with a great sculpt of the Dark Knight. The paint job and detailing are top notch. There has been some reports of loose joints, but my figure had sturdy joints and posing Bats was not a problem.

10Sep 12

I love military figures and the latest US Army Special Forces figure from Playhouse is great. The accessories are bountiful, but what I really like is how you can strip the MK18 mod1 rifle just like in real life! I’ve stripped a similar weapon before in my army days and the 1/6 scale weapon is pretty accurate. Lovely!

07Sep 12

The Matrix (the first movie) was amazing when it first came out. The CGI, storyline and camera techniques used were the best at it’s time. Sadly the sequels were not as good. CmToy’s release of Neo and Agent Smith was a good attempt, sadly the figures aren’t as good as I hoped. The sculpts could be much better and the accessories better made. Still, they both look pretty cool on my shelf with their sun glasses on.

04Sep 12

The last of Fansproject’s insecticons, better known as Kickback, joins his brothers Bombshell and Sharpnel to form a pretty awesome collection. The figure is as well made as the other two insecticons and a great addition to any Transformers fan’s collection.

30Aug 12

The Capt is the first superhero I came across when I was young and I’ve been a big fan ever since. Marvel’s Captain America movie was one of the highlights for me and Hot Toy’s figure continues to bring out the kid in me. Love it!

27Aug 12

I was a big fan of Robocop when the film came out. The violence was typical of the 80’s action genre. figma’s Robocop is a pretty good looking figure. A bit small, but well sculpted.

26Aug 12

DC’s finally launching figures in the 3.75″ inch scale! Even though the line has been announced as convention exclusives, DC has said there is hope for the 3.75″ inch scale to go mass retail.

Kyle Rayner and Kilowog are two great characters to start of the new line. Their paint jobs are very good, though the articulation still has some way to go before it meets the standard of Marvel Universe figures, it still allows decent poses and playtime. I’m crossing my fingers and hope to see Supes and Bats in the line soon!

24Aug 12

The holy grail for many collectors, Hot Toy’s 1/6 scale Superman modeled after Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of the Man of Steel. This sculpt is one of the best from Hot Toys. An awesome figure.

23Aug 12

Another cool Marvel Universe exclusive set from Hasbro for this year’s SDCC 2012. On of Captain America’s great nemesis, Baron Zemo leads the Masters of Evil.