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30Aug 12

The Capt is the first superhero I came across when I was young and I’ve been a big fan ever since. Marvel’s Captain America movie was one of the highlights for me and Hot Toy’s figure continues to bring out the kid in me. Love it!

29Aug 11

It’s been a week since STGCC and the one thing that’s still vivid in my mind is Hot Toy’s booth. Hot Toys was the highlight of STGCC for me. They brought down their concept booth they debuted at the Hong Kong Con as well as some exclusives for 1/6 Scale collectors. What a privilege. continue reading..

29Jul 11

SDCC 2011 came and went over the weekend and Marvel gave us a peak of upcoming figures coming out in the year ahead. Like the 3 Avengers in the pic above. I’m not too keen on their uniforms though. :) continue reading..

01Jul 11

Went on another toy run to Paragon Metro and TRU lately. Found these on the racks. continue reading..

22Jun 11


Hot Toy’s has released the preview pics of Captain America. And boy does he look amazing. The details are the best I’ve ever seen for a superhero. I’ve honestly never been this excited about a figure before. Will definitely be getting this. continue reading..

18Jun 11

The teaser is out for Captain America. Can’t wait to see the preview pics.

13Jun 11

My preorder finally came in. The Xmen sculpts in this wave are really well done. continue reading..

12Jun 11

One of the coolest movie posters I’ve seen in years comes from Captain America: The First Avenger. It’s a limited edition poster that harks back to the retro designs of posters from the past. Awesome stuff.

14Feb 11

The Captain America Super Bowl trailer renewed my faith in the movie. And the latest Toy Fair pics has renewed my faith in the toy line. The 3.75″ inch figures are looking great and will complement my Marvel Universe figures nicely. Select pics after the jump and more pics here.

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13Feb 11

New pics are out from Toy Fair 2011 for the upcoming Marvel Universe lines. And boy do they look great! I’m esspecially excited about the Classic Avengers and ‘Fantastic 3′ (yeah, Johnny just died in the comics for those who didn’t know) Packs. There’s also an X-Force pack which isn’t that exciting.

Other individual figures coming out are Darkhawk, Steve Rogers, a Namor resculpt and many others. The MU line has been impressing me with their sculpts, going from strength to strenght. For 3.75″ inch scale, they look and pose awesome! Some select pics after the jump, while you can find the whole collection here and here.

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