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07Feb 11

In just slightly over a month, I’ll be heading to Japan for my 3 week long honeymoon. The plan is to travel to Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe before ending up in Tokyo. All free and easy of course. Everything is planned, plane tickets and hotels are booked, it’s just the long long wait! urgghhhh.

Rest assured I’ll be updating both my Tokyo links about my trips and toy shops to represent the most updated info and about the various areas I visit during the trip.

So begins the countdown. Woo hoo!

22Jul 10


I love my meats, and I love my Japanese BBQ or Yakiniku. There are many Yakiniku restaurants in Tokyo, but finding one that is well priced and has great cuts, well thats hard. continue reading..

19Jul 10


If there’s one thing the Japanese are good in doing, it’s making desserts. They make their desserts with such passion. Even the way they are displayed and packaged, are second to none. A lot of the Japanese cakes and desserts have a French influence about them. And they taste great! Not too sweet, but more like a tinge of sweetness. Just right! continue reading..

07Jun 10


There’s a lot to love about Tokyo, and one of my main loves is the food. There’s so much variety in Japanese food and different flavours from eating sushi to eating yakiniku. In anticipation of my last two posts about my Tokyo 2010 trip, in particular the foods, here are some food pics I couldn’t classify into single posts.

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05Jun 10


Ok, I know Yokohama isn’t exactly Tokyo, but it is part of the Greater Tokyo Area. :) Yokohama is a port city south of Tokyo. It’s pretty easy to get to as it’s just a train ride away. About 45 mins from Shinjuku and is known for haing one of the largest Chinatowns in Japan and the world.

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26May 10


Asakusa, famous for the Sensō-ji, a Buddhist temple, is a popular tourist destination where there is the highest concentration of buildings from the 1950s & 60s.

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24May 10


Ramen, its one of those dishes that has to be done right. And even in Japan, it’s hard to find a great ramen place to suit ones liking. I managed to find this little place in Shibuya, just off the main street where the shops are.

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21May 10


Tsukiji Fish Market is a must visit for anyone visiting Tokyo. It’s the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world. And whether you are a seafood lover or not, it’s just a great place to visit and see the many different types of sea creatures on sale.

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26Apr 10


Yakitori, skewers of chicken, beef, etc. cocked over a charcoal flame. Simple food if you ask me. Add in some beer or sake together with that, and it’s the perfect pub food. One place to check out is Yakitori Doori in Shinjuku. It’s right next to the train tracks.

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15Apr 10


Ginza, possibly one of the most famous shopping streets in the world. On an average day, it’s teeming with shoppers going in and out the shopping malls. On the weekends the main road is closed to traffic to create a giant walkway for pedestrians.

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