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29Jun 11

When in Osaka, a great place to visit is the Osaka Aquarium (Kaiyukan). It’s one of the few ‘world class’ aquariums. They even have a whale shark there! I know it’s cruel, but since it’s there, have a look!  continue reading..

24Jun 11

Like Tokyo, Osaka has it’s own popular theme park, Universal Studios. And it’s heaps of fun! continue reading..

20Jun 11

We arrived in Osaka after a week in Kyoto. We planned to stay for a week checking out the shopping, eating and other sights in Osaka. Osaka is a city buzzing with activity. And apart from the shopping and sight seeing to Universal Studios and the Osaka Aquarium (Kaiyukan) we ate heaps! continue reading..

06Jun 11

Osaka’s Den-Den Town is comparable to Tokyo’s Akihabara where electronic and toy shops line the streets. Though I feel Tokyo’s Akihabara has a better edge and more variety of toy shops. continue reading..