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24Aug 12

The holy grail for many collectors, Hot Toy’s 1/6 scale Superman modeled after Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of the Man of Steel. This sculpt is one of the best from Hot Toys. An awesome figure.

29Aug 11

It’s been a week since STGCC and the one thing that’s still vivid in my mind is Hot Toy’s booth. Hot Toys was the highlight of STGCC for me. They brought down their concept booth they debuted at the Hong Kong Con as well as some exclusives for 1/6 Scale collectors. What a privilege. continue reading..

26May 11


Finally, after a few days of teaser pics, official pics has been released by Hot Toys. The figure looks amazing. The head sculpt is pretty close to the real thing. Definitely will be getting this iconic figure. continue reading..

25May 11


Straight from Toy World forums, full body pics of the upcoming Hot Toys 1/6 scale Christopher Reeve Superman figure. And it looks amazing! The pics may not be the clearest, but at least we get to see the full figure now. Drool continue reading..

20May 11

Hot Toys is teasing us yet again. But it’s getting closer to the actual pics. With the end of Smallville, a gap needs to be filled.

09Mar 11

03Sep 10


It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited about a Superman comic storyline. For quite a long while, comics have portrayed Superman and his alter-ego Clark Kent in a fairly typical way. The All American hero who’s sure of his role as a superhero.

But after reading the preview of Superman – Earth One, it looks like we’ll be seeing a more conflicted and brooding Superman. The grittiness from the preview pages is making me pretty excited. This reboot of his origin story could be the best yet, bringing Superman into the current age. The best thing about it, the comic will be released as a Graphic Novel come end of October. I’m excited.

28Aug 10

Hot Toys has released a teaser of their 12′ inch Christopher Reeve Superman as the next DX figure. Most Superman fans would agree Christopher Reeve’s portrayal as the man of steel in Richard Donner’s classic movie was iconic. This figure is a must get!

18Mar 10


The Mori Art Museum in Roppongi Hills is one of my favorite art museums. It’s location at the top of the Mori Towers does help, but it’s also because of the excellent curation of the exhibits. The use of space and lighting goes a long way in helping my appreciation of art.

continue reading..