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14Jan 13


I must admit Arkham Asylum’s Armored Batman did look much better in the game. Most probably due to the art direction in the game. For this sculpt, there isn’t much difference between Armored Batman and the normal Bats. Armored Batman is just a bit bigger and bulkier. Still a nice sculpt of Batman to pose though.

10Jan 13


Arkham Asylum’s Joker was awesome in the game and this sculpt is just as good. I was a bit worried that his joints may be loose as the figure’s hands and legs are pretty thin, but all was good. The figure lined up well with Arkham Asylum Batman.

04Jan 13


Arkham Asylum Harkey Quinn. One of the better renditions of the character. The figure was well sculpted and made.

13Sep 12

Arkham Asylum, one of the best Batman games out there, has one of the better renditions of Batman as well. Play Arts Kai has outdone themselves with a great sculpt of the Dark Knight. The paint job and detailing are top notch. There has been some reports of loose joints, but my figure had sturdy joints and posing Bats was not a problem.

27Sep 11

STGCC 2011 recently ended and I managed to score the only Hot Toys exclusive I was only really interested in. continue reading..

29Aug 11

It’s been a week since STGCC and the one thing that’s still vivid in my mind is Hot Toy’s booth. Hot Toys was the highlight of STGCC for me. They brought down their concept booth they debuted at the Hong Kong Con as well as some exclusives for 1/6 Scale collectors. What a privilege. continue reading..

26Aug 11

No Batman should be without his nemesis, and Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of the Joker in Tim Burton’s Batman was out of this world. Hot Toys latest preview pictures of the iconic character is looking real good. Notice that Batman is DX09 and Joker is DX08…… the movie was made in 1989. Getit?  continue reading..

25Aug 11


Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989 paved the way for Superhero films in the past few decades. I still remember watching Michael Keaton on screen as Batman and being amazed at the Dark Knight on screen. Hot Toy’s has teased their new series of 1/6 scale figures based on the movie for the past few weeks since SDCC 2011 and finally we have official preview pictures of Batman. continue reading..

30Jul 11

Hot Toys gave us first looks at their 1/6 scale line up for the coming year at SDCC 2011. One of which was the Batmobile from Tim Burton’s Batman movies. One of the better looking Batmobile designs. continue reading..

12Jul 11

The anticipation begins.