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19Aug 11

Most NBA basketball fans would remember Michael Jordan, regarded by many as the best player to have ever played the game. He had it all, the skills, charisma and the amazing drive to win. continue reading..

27Jun 11

If you’re an Anime and Japanese culture fan, you most probably know about and Danny’s ‘mascot’, Mirai Suenaga. figma Mirai was just released and I thought it would be a good first figma figure to pick up. I also picked up a figma Vespa and bicycle. continue reading..

22Apr 11

Nano blocks have been popular in Japan for the past few years, and it’s only recently been imported into Singapore where shops like Action City are stocking them. continue reading..

03Jun 10


The initial design art for Captain America: The First Avenger is looking good! I was wondering how they were gonna translate the iconic uniform to real life. And it’s looking pretty fine. I can’t wait for the movie!


31Dec 09


There’s just something really beautiful about tilt-shift photography. It’s really amazing how a real life can be depicted as if they were miniatures. And I’m a sucker for miniature stuff. heh More beautiful examples of tilt-shift photography here.

tiltshift_1.jpg  tiltshift_8.jpg tiltshift_7.jpg

29Dec 09


The SAR21 is designed and made locally. The rifle is used by the Singapore Armed Forces and most of you who have gone thru NSF or are reservists would have seen it and even used it in the last decade. The rifle has some good reviews. In fact, Popular Mechanics have voted it one of the Top 5 High-Tech Guns for the Next Century.

As stated in my previous post, I recently scored a custom made 12 inch SAR21 rifle. And it’s locally made as well! :) The rifle is nicely sculpted with some great detailing, knobs, screws, etc. there’s even allowance for the rifle sling if you can find a sling that fits the rifle.


The rifle is light weight and has a sturdy feel to it and it feels stronger than most 12 inch rifles that I have collected. Though I’m not about to test it out to find out how strong it is! heh. Too bad the magazine cannot be removed, but it’s nice to see it is accurately transparent with the rounds showing.

There’s just something about having a 12 inch version of something local that appeals to me. It’s ‘one of a kind’. Enjoy the rest of the pics.

P1030858.jpg P1030859.jpg P1030861.jpg

23Dec 09


Found out from Shaun that Yellow Box had a custom made 1/6 SAR21 rifle on sale. I’ve been looking out for a 1/6 version of the rifle in the local forums for awhile and it was a no brainer that I had to get it. Furthermore, it wasn’t at an unreasonable price. I’m pretty impressed with the make, the paint job and material used are good. Firm to the touch and won’t break easily. The only thing missing was the rifle sling, but thats a small issue. There was a few more boxes of the rifle left while I was there, so get your’s quick!

I managed to get an SAF No.1 uniform together with matching shoes while I was there. Will be kitbashing it together and will post more pics once done! This is certainly turning out to be a happy Christmas, some pics below.

photo 3.jpg photo-1.jpg photo 2.jpg

22Dec 09


Went down to TFH today to collect the Macross Frontier DX Macross Quarter. Nice huge box. If you don’t already know, the Macross Quarter is the main battleship in the Macross Frontier series. This figure has gotten some good reviews. Can’t wait to open it when I get back. Will post my pics here when I do. In the meantime, some unboxing pics can be found here.

17Dec 09


There have been many beautiful pics taken of Star Wars characters through the years. This collection of photos depicting the planet Hoth is pretty awesome. Even better when you find out how the photographer did it. :)

500x_4165941786_0bc4b087be_o.jpg 4146018921_3dcdd94e09.jpg 4058386229_f6a58c5788.jpg 4065583276_a93d630ab0.jpg 4080200908_f359538898.jpg

11Dec 09

From directing Transformers to directing a Victoria Secrets ad. Somehow explosions with nearly naked women appeals to me. Onward to Transformers 3!