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25Aug 11

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have heard that Apple’s founder and main man Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple. continue reading..

08Oct 10

01Jul 10

This Ducati ad filmed solely with iPhone 4s blew me away. No colour correction as well! Meaning the camera on the phone is pretty dammed good. Just tempting me even more.

04Dec 09


Ok,, I’m an apple fanboy, even if the only Apple products I own is a MacBook Pro and an iPhone 3GS, the only reason by my main Desktop is not a mac, well it’s cause the PC still is king for games. I found this link on Gizmodo that’s hilarious. It’s funny reading quotes slamming the iPhone when it was first announced 2 years back.

The iPhone has been an amazing success over the pass few years. And thats what I like about Apple, it’s a company that designs and builds products ‘they’ would like to own, revolutionising the industry and media sphere as they release stuff.

I thought redman042 said it best in the comments.

I think the real point here is, even though these guys knew Apple was a threat to their space but wouldn’t admit it publicly (of course), none of them could have foreseen the barnstorming success that the iPhone is today. Apple didn’t just change the smartphone industry, it drastically changed 3rd party app development, the music and movie industries, and now, even before the iTablet is a confirmed reality, the magazine industry is bending over backwards and spending millions to be ready for an unconfirmed, potentially nonexistent product. In a nutshell, the entire media world is begging to be Steve Job’s bitch.

Now THAT’s what I call running a tech company.