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06Oct 11

1955 – 2011


25Aug 11

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have heard that Apple’s founder and main man Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple. continue reading..

14Mar 11

20Nov 10

Have you gotten yourself a tablet yet?


08Oct 10

01Oct 10


I found this pretty amusing.

01Jul 10

This Ducati ad filmed solely with iPhone 4s blew me away. No colour correction as well! Meaning the camera on the phone is pretty dammed good. Just tempting me even more.

08Apr 10

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Got my iPad and case this morning. It’s a surprise to see how small it really is. Not bad small, but from the pics on the internet, I just thought it would be bigger. The iPad is really a beauty, the screen’s rich colours really stand out. The weight isn’t an issue for me, even if some reviewers thought it was a tad bit heavy. It’s much lighter than any other similar device out there.

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29Jan 10


Sure, many of us are skeptical of the iPad’s future success. But I feel that it will change the way we look and consume media. has a commentary that just hits it right on the nail. Check it out!


Pretty good read here too.

British tech guru and critic, Stephen Fry’s thoughts. Some choice quotes from the man below.

“There are many issues you could have with the iPad. No multitasking, still no Flash. No camera, no GPS. They all fall away the minute you use it. I cannot emphasise enough this point: “Hold your judgment until you’ve spent five minutes with it”. No YouTube film, no promotional video, no keynote address, no list of features can even hint at the extraordinary feeling you get from actually using and interacting with one of these magical objects.”

“2. It is made by Apple. I’m not being cute here. If it was made by Hewlett Packard, they wouldn’t have global control over the OS or the online retail outlets. If it was made by Google, they would have tendered out the hardware manufacture to HTC. Apple – and it is one of the reasons some people distrust or dislike them – control it all. They’ve designed the silicon, the A4 chip that runs it all, they’ve designed the batteries, they’ve overseen every detail of the commercial, technological, design and software elements. No other company on earth does that. And being Apple it hasn’t been released without (you can be sure) Steve Jobs being wholly convinced that it was ready. “Not good enough, start again. Not good enough. Not good enough. Not good enough.” How many other CEOs say until their employees want to murder them? That’s the difference.”

28Jan 10


The Apple iPad has been officially announced. It looks just like a huge iPhone and it’s freakin thin! Though the name could be better.


The design doesn’t look that bad, but I was hoping for something sexier and sleeker. And while the features of the iPad isn’t revolutionary, I do believe it is ‘game changing’. It brings together technologies and features, and seamlessly blends them together in one great device. Something that no other tablet device before has done. The new iBook store opens up ebooks to the mass market as well. I’ve thought about getting a Kindle or similar device, but they did not provide a multimedia experience that i wanted in a device.


The iPad allows for a new take on portability and will definitely give people something to think about when considering a netbook. I used a netbook for a short period of time, and ASUS Eee PC 1005, and while it wasn’t too shabby, it just wasn’t as user friendly for a small portable device. The Atom processor was also laggy when playing certain Hi-Def videos and programs. And from initial first hand reviews of the iPad, it’s blistering fast!


So will I get an iPad when it finally comes out in SG? I can definitely see myself getting one. Though looking at my media usage patterns, I don’t know if I will use it all that much. And it depends on how much it will be sold for in SG and what contracts/plans I will have to sign on to, if any.

I am pretty sold on the device as a whole and I do like the Apple designed case that you can purchase along with the iPad. Will have to wait and see what the local developments are. :)