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31Aug 11

I didn’t pick up many Headplay head sculpts this month. Just these 3. Recognise them?

01Aug 11

Headplay has released quite a lot of sculpts this month with some classics as you can see in the pic above. continue reading..

15Jul 11

Headplay has been churning out their headsculpts monthly with no signs of slowing down. Got the above sculpts in the past few weeks. continue reading..

10Jun 11

Headplay have been coming up with some pretty sweet head sculpts. These are the latest in my collection. Can you recognise them? continue reading..

19May 11

Scored some 1/6 head sculpts lately from Headplay. These are some of the better sculpts in recent times. And nice how they have some popular asian faces as well.

Headplay 1/6 Head Sculpts