19Jul 15

#SG50 #Lego

You may not see much blog posts from me anymore due to easier forms of sharing my stuff, e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But I’ll still be updating my Japan Toy Shopping posts as I head up to Japan a couple of times a year and still check out the shops. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need more info. :)


07Feb 13


Hot Toy’s did it again. Jack Sparrow was the figure of 2012 for me. The details put into producing this figure was amazing. The sculpt was second to none. The eyes peer into ones’ soul. And the clothes he wears, wow! Such detail. The accessories weren’t shabby either. I did like the compass that Jack Sparrow always carries. But the ship’s wheel was the best, painted with such detail and weathering effects. A great figure all round.


04Feb 13


There aren’t many good female 1/6 figures out there. So when Hot Toy’s announced this figure and I saw the pics, I knew I had to get it. I haven’t watched the movie, but from what I can see the sculpt is good when compared to the pictures from the movie. One of the rare female figures in my collection.

31Jan 13


The Transformers movie character designs were very detailed and hard to replicate when it came to toys. Revoltech’s attention to detail did the TF’s movie Bumblebee a lot of justice. The figure looks great and the rich yellow colour stands out. A lovely figure.

28Jan 13


Thunderwing was an absolute badass in the Transformers G1 comics by Marvel. He was originally a Pretender and was a key character in the Matrix Quest storyline in the comics. Even now in the Transformers Regeneration One comics by IDW that continues on from the Marvel continualty  there are hints that he could be making a comeback.


This new version of Thunderwing is no longer a Pretender, but keeps the look and feel of the original Pretender shell. He still looks badass.

24Jan 13


I love the classic Generation 1 Transformers characters and I love it even more when new versions of classic G1 characters come out in toy form. Warparth looks great and close to his original G1 form with that tank cannon sticking out of his chest.

21Jan 13


Revoltech looks to be completing the Iron Man line and this Mark II armour continues the good work. Well sculpted and articulated, it’s a great addition to the Iron Man collection.

14Jan 13


I must admit Arkham Asylum’s Armored Batman did look much better in the game. Most probably due to the art direction in the game. For this sculpt, there isn’t much difference between Armored Batman and the normal Bats. Armored Batman is just a bit bigger and bulkier. Still a nice sculpt of Batman to pose though.

10Jan 13


Arkham Asylum’s Joker was awesome in the game and this sculpt is just as good. I was a bit worried that his joints may be loose as the figure’s hands and legs are pretty thin, but all was good. The figure lined up well with Arkham Asylum Batman.

07Jan 13


Cyclops, also known as Shockwave from the Dreamwave comic, Transformers: Evolutions. This figure is pretty big and well built. Though some of the joints can be a bit loose. It’s nice to see how the sculpt is accurate to it’s comic version. Good to see characters from the comics being made into toys.